Herb Lubalin

Where would we be without the influence of Herb Lubilan. looking at his typographic work,its no wonder that his exection of type and concept ,influenced a generation of designers and continues t do so.
His style so clean and faultless that you have to look again just to make sure your not missing the message. His work on the magazine Avant Garde, and U&lc (upper and lower case)magazine have was of the highest quality. thanks Herbit

posted By Stuart

Ghost Signs

old sign

There is something fascinating about old signs. They seam to be preserved so well, and for a reason maybe, there to signify to the digital realm of what the yesteryear used to look like, you can almost hear the presence of old cars chugging down the dirty streets of San Fransisco.

The style of lettering ozzze’s so much personality and nostalgic images come to mind.

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A thought on aesthetics

If there was ever such a thing as a boring design we might just look over it and say well its boring, right? Well is boring design that bad, why do we have to ensist on decorating every thing with ornaments and shinny glossy lighting effects, after all, isnt what we do as designers, a form of communication? Yes a certain aesthetic might communicate to a certain demographic, but what is the message behind the words, images why are those elements on the page, or site, or email, becuase we think it might appeal to sombody. To achieve a moment of entertainment. The message in its pure form is the key to good design. We can all see good design when its in front of us but great design is invisible.

posted By Stuart