Alkaline Trio


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Jason Munn has a particular way of communicating through beautifully produced silk screen prints.  Uniting appropriate visuals with beautiful type creating an emotive message, that often delivers a second meaning, he tells a great story through simple graphic elements. It is almost as entertaining as the music itself. See his portfolio here ••The Small Stakes••

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Emmanuel Polanco





Emmanuel lives and works as a freelance designer in Paris, France. His work has a vintage feel while remaining quite modern. And is a beautiful mix of collage and illustration.

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Jarrah Flanagan Exhibition


In Sydney and free tommorow night?? Jarrah is a second year Fine Arts student majoring in sculpture/ installation at COFA. Having experimented with jewellery making, papier-mâché, metal casting and textiles over the last year, she has produced a variety of collages and wearable art pieces that possess a fantastical, self-consciously kitsch aesthetic. These works explore our perpetual, cross cultural desire to imitate wealth and status, particularly in light of democratic freedoms and mass production, and how this relates to ancient customs of immortalization. Riveting stuff? Or just like it because it looks pretty. Come along and play dress ups!

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Joakim Jansson

01_SamanthaFrankfurterAcid1_ATheLegends1Joakim Jansson is a Swedish graphic designer . Living and working in Oslo, Norway.
His work encompasses many areas related to design including art direction, graphic design, typography, illustration, branding and web. His work is fun bright and playful.

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Greg Lamarche




Greg Lamarche an American artist,  previously working under the name SP One.  Greg’s work is predominantly collage and has a background in graffiti. Brightly coloured collage of typography and vintage textures with a street feel, highly influenced by graffiti.  He has a distinctly unique style.

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Philip James Frost

All The Things



Philip James Frost a man of mystery and deluge of talent. Philip has some great dirty textureous paintings for sale. If only he had a portfolio site for you to look at. Hailing from Duniden New Zealand he had a standout show at Blank_Space gallery last year called Human Decay.

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