Monsieur Qui

monsieurqui037monsieurqui041monsieurqui_0007Monsieur Qui (in English Mister Who) is a clever French illustrator who loves cats, dogs, handmade works, brass bands and pastes big posters in the streets of Paris. He works in watercolors and inks and  produces some sweet street art.

Cardon Copy

Picture 2You know those boring old hand made signs you see around the streets, lost pets, rooms for rent, things for sale, garage sales and so on.

Cardon Copy, takes these vernacular of self-distributed fliers and tear- offs we have all seen in our neighborhoods. It involves hijacking these unconsidered fliers and redesigning them, overpowering their message with a new visual language. The fliers are then replaced.

Picture 1Picture 3



Are you the type of person to say on a day of extreme heat, “Wow, friend, how hot is this weather!?”

Fuck you. What do you expect us to say? “Oh! Yes! Gosh! I had no idea how hot it actually was. In fact, now that you mention it, I’m sweating like a gerbil in a gaybar. Ice-cream?”

We like to call this question: ‘the fucking annoying question’. You’ll hear it a lot this summer. Don’t be that person.

You see, young and talented friends, that’s something we call advice. An incredible tool of communication everyone loves to receive, especially when wrapped in hilarity and spoken with prowess in front of a crowd of drink addled young-somethings.

Wednesday November 25 at 7pm Junior, a union for young creatives is hosting an event in Sydney, with 3 creative directors sharing advice, called ‘31 Things‘ , find out more details on their website.

Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton has produced gig posters for a number of bands including Wilco, Tom Waits, Spoon and many more. Commonly using the the dying letter press process, or screen printing. His typographic pieces beautifully hand made, each one unique, with its own personal texture and character.  This video shot and edited by Joshua Gerken, is a great insight into the process of letterpress. It looks like so much fun.

Mike is our current featured artist you can check out some of his work HERE

Music by : The Celebrity Pilots

Reverse design Lab


With the end of the year approaching, many design students will soon be out looking for work, or perhaps you are to graduate further down the track and want to know how to make the most of your studies before you venture into the world.

We had a chat with Antonio of Reverse Design Lab about his experience in getting out into the world, post- study.

Click here to read the interview.

A polaroid a day


I’ve seen many ‘Polaroid a day’ projects, but never one that spans such a long time period as this one . 18 years of Polaroids, starting in 1979.  An amazing project, and a great record of someones life, and history.

Alex Kopps

Alex kopps, Has his fingers in many pies, in different subcultural circles. he has a distinct style of illustration and video work,  and takes some pics occasionally. Currently part of a group show in denmark called  ONESHOT. Curated By Jesper Elg.

Check out Kopps’s illustrations, films, photos, and publications at his inter-web address

Jo Ratcliffe



Jo Ratcliffe is typographic designer and illustrator originating from Africa who live and work in the United States. His work has been published on numerous magazines like Vogue, Dazed and Confused, Another Magazine, Nylon and GQ.