Changing Lanes presents live mural work by Sydney street artists and beyond. Ears, SMC[3], Max Berry, Vars and La will run head to head, can to can, bringing street art out into the open in an unforgettable union of the Oh Really and The Movement crews, as well as featuring other more nomadic street personas.

Cartoon nerd and Secret Wars Semi-Finalist Max Berry, makes black and white geometrics a parade of goofy-eyed thicks, and belching, slack-armed kids. Throw in for good measure some chickens, ghouls and mo’s and you might have some idea of what he’s getting at. It’s a style with no boundaries and endless possibilities.

Most known for his clean 2D line designs, in sticker and paste-up form, Max has fast become a big part of the inner Sydney cultural landscape. One third of the Oh Really Gallery trio, Max’s most recent solo exhibition, “A Search for Ground in Higher Places”, saw his practice successfully extended into areas such as jewellery, plush toys and instillation, plus a movement into binary-focused and painterly narrative works that touch on the surreal. Max is also currently involved with the exciting, newly launched, lo-fi collective.

Come down on the festival day and catch Max Berry in his element.



Gorker Gallery, Fitzroy | 6-9pm
Photography from
Sanna Charles – London
Rip Zinger – Tokyo
Ben Rayner – London
Ray Potes- San Francisco
Ryan Hopkinson – London
Massan Fluker – San Francisco
Jonathan Winston – London
Trevor Traynor – New York
Amanda Lopez – San Francisco
SexySushi – Tokyo

Artwork from
Jacob Knill – London
Nior – Melbourne
French – London
Kate Gagliardi – Adelaide
Jesse Olsen – Melbourne
Gary Seaman – Adelaide

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Issue 002 follows with a strong list of those emerging and respectfully established. Yoshitomo Nara, Anthony Lister, Mai Ikuzawa, Angelique Houtcamp, Fergadelic, Kyotaro, Gas As Interface, Bow Wow International Design and Paul Barbera to name only a few.

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Changing lanes is a brand new festival run by FBi Radio and MAPS Entertainment.

A massive festival of arts and music in Newton on 19th September, 2010

Featuring Sydney artists Ears, smc[3] and Melbourne underground master, PHIBS. There are two other names ( one world renowned ) to be confirmed..

The crews of Everfresh, Oh Really and The Movement will run head to head on the day, dusting up to live tunes on Eliza St Newtown. This music line up is yet to be announced but with the support of fbi radio and 567 im sure it will be huge!!

Keep your eyes on Forth Thread for interviews and exclusive’s

What: Changing Lanes Art and Music Festival

When: 19th September, 2010

Where: Eliza St Newtown

Who: MAPS Entertainment and FBi Radio

Visual Artists: Ears, smc[3], PHIBS, and one local and one world-renowned artist coming soon