Jim Houser

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Some words from Jim about the record: “For the last 10 or so years, making music has always been the place that I turned when the paintbrush wasn’t working for me. I found that even when I was burned out from making art, the act of sitting and making music would allow me not to feel like a waste of time and space. I came to realize that this was part of my whole process, so I began to incorporate those sounds into the installations I do in a gallery, to represent everything I made during the last 6 months or so, not just the visual art. And I was very happy with how the sounds accompanied the sights. My music found a home in my artwork. This record represents the best bleeps and bloops and thuds and screeches and crashes from the past 2 years of art shows, condensed and recorded at home into 6 short songs. Just like my paintings: heartfelt and repetitive.”

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Art Park


Teeluxe has started a new chapter called Art Park. Art Park will continue a tradition of curating and publishing quality of art book collections. With a new inspired apparel range ( featuring Paul McNeil ) and an exciting Artist Residency Program in Byron Bay.

Hollis Brown Thornton



Hollis Brown Thornton. A prolific illustrator and Artist, featured in a massive array of magazines and shows around the world has some great “edition of ” prints up for sale >>>>>>> Check out the catalog here,

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