Banksy Simpsons Intro

You’ve probably seen this already, and we here at Forth Thread were going to stay away from promoting the latest stunt by Banksy, or was it a stunt by the simpsons producers ? To promote the long time and now iconic Simpsons, that is quite possibly getting tired and old. The truth being told that the Simpsons is in fact animated by a team of people in South Korea but not in inhuman conditions that Banksy has portrayed.

Executive producer Al Jean told his casting director to get in touch with Banksy because he wanted him to create a title sequence for the world-famous cartoon. Banksy’s ballsy direction of the intro sequence shows extreme sweat shop shop conditions, that the Simpsons may get made under. Someone at fox didn’t like this too much, obviously over looking the possibility that Banksy may do what he does best and twist the truth for our entertainment, and put his activist’ic mind to practise.

Another great piece of work by Banksy that has got the attention he deserves for taking on the giants. Its marketing genius and we are adding to the hype.




White Wolf


“The Adventures of White Wolf”. A monthly pulp strip where our super hero “Max Height” who is suffering from warewolfism decides to take control of his other half and use it to the best of mankind. White wolfs adventures take him far and wide battling colorful villans of the night with his phenominal stength and super powered howl.

By Frank Candiloro Illustrator, Animator, Designer

A film by Sebastian Lange

Flickermood 2.0 from Sebastian Lange on Vimeo.

… Thought #99 • Does it mater that type cant be read? Do things really need to be legible all the time? When there is so much action, movement and suitable sound creating an atmosphere of entertainment, one has little time to take in the details of whats being said. This leads me to wonder….. does it really matter what we say in our conversations. How much detail do we actually take in and store? It could be the over all impression of what we put across, tone, gestures and aesthetics that we remember.  Just like in this film by Sebastian Lange, the over all atmosphere created by such a beautiful array of movement, with emphasis on certain details leaves us remembering it as a whole, a mood,  an emotion, or thinking dam! That’s some good animation….

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