little hobo project was built entirely by hand (literally – sticks, rope and more), with a lot of love and oh so much inspiration.

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“In order to create an identity & deliver a website for LHP, it needed to be designed to reflect a company that doesn’t need to pride itself on its polished looks, but more on the quality of the projects that it creates & the people it brings together…[thus] we stripped our ideas back to basics. We decided to build the website by hand, out of [real] sticks, [real] string & a whole lot of [genuine] love.” The National Grid

“Simply, Little Hobo Project has grown out of a grassroots approach to communication. Its focus is connecting individuals with individuals, causes with organisations, organisations with businesses and concepts with the people to action them. ‘Wandering Ideas. Made.’

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LHP Overview (as featured on Sprout Daily):

“Creative individuals and independent thinkers are more empowered then ever to realise ideas and pursue dreams. So…bring together the right people, those you respect and trust – and anything is possible.

Thus we are based on the collective concept. We highly value the members of our Collective as a creative arsenal. With entwined roots in sports, fashion, travel, music and the arts, we offer diverse opportunities for project management but most importantly we love when ideas don’t get put on the shelf but get brought to the table – and we can bring the right people together to make them happen.

Our underlying requirement is that any client, collective member or brand we work with, must have a genuine interest in supporting the philanthropic community as part of their professional strategy. Philanthropy – from the ancient Greek understanding of – the desire to better man kind, NOT just giving away money.” Little Hobo Project

Reverse design Lab


With the end of the year approaching, many design students will soon be out looking for work, or perhaps you are to graduate further down the track and want to know how to make the most of your studies before you venture into the world.

We had a chat with Antonio of Reverse Design Lab about his experience in getting out into the world, post- study.

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Mark Peckmezian



Mark Peckmezian was born in Toronto, Canada in 1985. He is currently pursuing his BFA in Photography from Ryerson University in Toronto. His photographs have been published in Prefix Photo and Function, and have been selected for inclusion in Flash Forward, touring internationally. He is presently working as a research-assistant on the historic Black Star photography collection.

Dallas Maurer



Dallas Maurer takes some really nice pics on old expired film some times weathered and aged, giving a beautiful atmospheric feel to nice compositions. With a large arsenal of vintage cameras he is set to take many more chemical exposures. He has a nice graphic ••PORTFOLIO•• ••BLOG•• Dallas is currently looking for some fun design work around Sydney

Joakim Jansson

01_SamanthaFrankfurterAcid1_ATheLegends1Joakim Jansson is a Swedish graphic designer . Living and working in Oslo, Norway.
His work encompasses many areas related to design including art direction, graphic design, typography, illustration, branding and web. His work is fun bright and playful.

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Mark Alsweiler


The man they call “Alsweiler” has had a heap of successful shows one of which i saw last year at China Heights gallery. With his fun, playful darkish style, Mark is an all round great guy and is currently lurking around New Zealand somewhere skating and painting.

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