Dia de los muertos Exhibition

Dia de los muertos – The Day of the Dead art fiesta.
With Tacos, tequila and art this show is celebrating the souls of our departed. question

The show will include artists:

With a line up like that you would be silly to miss this.

opening night Friday November 2nd – 6:30pm
The National Grid Gallery

Issue #1 avaliable now


You may recall we recently released the first issue of the Forth Thread zine. ‘This ain’t digital’. We’ll we have now set up shop, and it is available for purchase here.

Featuring art and interviews from Neil Krug, David Thompson, Kareem Rizk, Becha, Brett Manning, The Yok, Craig Rochfort, Tom Hovey, Renee Anne, Natalie Sharp, Claire Cimbora, Rebecca Murphy, Natalie Perkins, and Chrissy Lau.

The zine is A5, colour with 48 pages filled with wonder art and interviews.
There is a limited edition of 1000, and each is hand numbered.

A big thank you to all artist involved, and to everyone who has supported us or been a part of Forth Thread in any way. Now get shopping!



Are you the type of person to say on a day of extreme heat, “Wow, friend, how hot is this weather!?”

Fuck you. What do you expect us to say? “Oh! Yes! Gosh! I had no idea how hot it actually was. In fact, now that you mention it, I’m sweating like a gerbil in a gaybar. Ice-cream?”

We like to call this question: ‘the fucking annoying question’. You’ll hear it a lot this summer. Don’t be that person.

You see, young and talented friends, that’s something we call advice. An incredible tool of communication everyone loves to receive, especially when wrapped in hilarity and spoken with prowess in front of a crowd of drink addled young-somethings.

Wednesday November 25 at 7pm Junior, a union for young creatives is hosting an event in Sydney, with 3 creative directors sharing advice, called ‘31 Things‘ , find out more details on their website.

Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton has produced gig posters for a number of bands including Wilco, Tom Waits, Spoon and many more. Commonly using the the dying letter press process, or screen printing. His typographic pieces beautifully hand made, each one unique, with its own personal texture and character.  This video shot and edited by Joshua Gerken, is a great insight into the process of letterpress. It looks like so much fun.

Mike is our current featured artist you can check out some of his work HERE

Music by : The Celebrity Pilots

Happenstance Giveaway

Happenstance Magazine is an independent Sydney-based print publication, which doesn’t forsake style for substance or substance for style. It’s all about making things happen; art, design ,music and the written word, as well as the people who create them.

What started as a bit of fun, has eventuated into an awesome independent magazine.

Happenstance recently launched their first issue, including stories on Sydney’s Independent galleries, bikes and a glimpse into the bedroom of Sydney artist James Jirat Patradoon.

It is a limited edition publication, with each issue individually numbered. And our friend Aaron, art director of Happenstance  has given us 5 copies to give away to 5 lucky winners.

To enter simply send your details (name and address) to givaways@forththread.com. The 5 winners will be notified by email next Friday. (18th Sept)

Pulp Fiction


Pulp magazines of the 40’s and 50’s,  imaginative and expressive magazine titles which often depicted a futuristic interperatation of the world.  A time of science and new discoveries when the world was still a mystery to most, the half dressed damsel in distress always needed a hero to save the day. Pulps were printed on cheap wood pulp paper hence the name “pulp fiction” The cover art of these publications was the main selling point of pulp.  So important in fact that sometimes the cover would be produced before and the story and would be authored to match.  Cover artists such as Frank R. Paul, Virgil Finlay, Edd Cartier, Margaret Brundage and Norman Saunders became as popular as the authors and the stories.
Stay tuned for a little slice of Forththread Pulp….. Coming very soon

Last call for Zine Entries


Hey readers,

We have had an amazing response from people around the world, and loads of great work sent for the Zine. Thanks a million for your submissions. We will be in contact with you soon for some Hi Res images and a “little piece of you” in words, or any other form you feel is appropriate. (Any thing carbon form is not appropriate unless its free gig tickets, artist prints to sell on your behalf or cool mags, thanks teeluxe ) .

If you havnt already contact us! Comment on a post or two, send us somthing that floats your boat, we are friendly and will reply. Alternatively send us a link to some work or pop some images on an email for us to look at.

You Can be a part of Forth Thread, to help it evolve,  grow and muster a longer reach.

From the Forth Thread team….