Advent 23- Steven Topley


UK illustrator, Steven Topley, has created this cool number 23. I’ve heard they got early snow in London this year, they are so lucky, those of us down under meanwhile are sweltering in the heat, feeling more like a melted snow man.

You can see more of Steven’s work here.

Artist Advent- Day 2

adventcandyToday’s eye candy is from Sydney based artist,  Rebecca Murphy. (Who is also featured in the Forth Thread Zine, due to arrive tonight).

Don’t forget if you live in Sydney, to come and check out the Enmore Design Centre, Tafe end of year exhibition, in which 400 signed copies of Forth Thread are to given away FREE!!

Artist Advent- Day 1

420px_one_christmas_reneeanneAs a child you may have found great excitement in opening the little cardboard window of your advent calendar each day in December to reveal a little chocolate, which you quickly wolfed down.

Forth Thread thought wouldn’t it be great to re-live this exciting experience, with something far more satisfying then a small, cheap, strangely shaped half melted chocolate. Each day in December up until Christmas, we will showcase one talented artist with a unique piece of work specially created for the day.

So get up early each morning, and bolt to your computer,  like a little child on Christmas day and open the window, to discover a new piece of art. What more could you want for Christmas?? (other than a new Mac).

Today we have kicked things off, with this lovely little number one illustration, by one of Forth Thread’s featured artists in the VERY soon to be released zine, Renee Anne

Blanket 2010 DIY Calendar – Call for Artists!


Blanket magazine has always been about providing opportunities for emerging artists to be uncovered by a larger audience – and what better way than to uncover a new artist every month on the official Blanket 2010 calendar!

As part of their ‘Holiday’ issue, Blanket will be releasing a DIY download-and-make calendar and is providing you with the awesome opportunity to be one of the artists they uncover! Each artist will receive their own ‘month’ with their featured artwork, name and website address.

For details on submitting artwork go to Blanket Call for Artists.

Deadline: 15th November.