Save Polaroid

Martina Hoogland Ivanow – ‘Taken in Stockholm 2004 of my friend Åsa Cederqvist who at that time was part of a band I used to share a space with. This Polaroid inspired me to do another image of her but now a few years down the line I prefer this one.. painful but true.’

Camille Vivier – ‘This SX-70 polaroid was taken in 2002 during a trip to Spain. This polaroid is maybe the only one I have from a serie of horses I did at the time in 35mm, it is a nostalgic and unique object, it is a souvenir.’

Kenneth Cappello – ‘This is my friend Jamie Hince at my apartment in NYC a few days after The Kills’ North American tour ended supporting his new record Midnight Boom…friends, cigars and chichy…’

Andre Wolffe – ‘The photo is taken the summer of 2001 in my flat in Paris. It was one of these summers where everything was possible and anything could happen and it did…’

Dazed magazine did a feature recently on saving polaroid film as production has been discontinued. As part of a movement to bring polaroid back to life, Dazed and Confused Magazine has run a feature, inviting top visual artists to submit a polaroid and and a story about it. Check the save polaroid fickr group out aswell.