Trunk Junk


SO…. theres this new mag, and its full of Art and Design and Skate and Surf, and theres no ads ‘ and like seriously, its the hottest thing we have seen this month! (Next to the limited DEUS book).

There is One hunderd pages of goodness, TJQ have gone all out with custom packaging, a sticker pack, a tear out poster, a stencil and more. The design and layout is amazing, as is the content which includes names like, Matty De Nittis, Jack Douglas, Aaron Petty, Maca and Phil, Adam Haynes, Jirat James Patradoon, Alex Schiller, Brett Hemmings,
Sirlin Wraps, Old Man Army, Pierre Lloga .

The first 200 copies sold come in a hand stenciled pack filled with goodies, check out the online store to pre order your copy

Look out for it in book stores from the 1st of October.

Alex Kopps

Alex kopps, Has his fingers in many pies, in different subcultural circles. he has a distinct style of illustration and video work,  and takes some pics occasionally. Currently part of a group show in denmark called  ONESHOT. Curated By Jesper Elg.

Check out Kopps’s illustrations, films, photos, and publications at his inter-web address

Ben Brown




Ben Brown set his roots in the 90’s punk, skate, surf, scene doing nilistic anti-established artwork for a number of Iconic bands. Continuing on to produce illustration and posters for festivals. As well as pumping out the odd illustration for companies like Insight, Mambo, Globe, O’Neill, Rip Curl, Ocean & Earth, Nice produce and Supply.

“The rendering of death and destruction holds no real symbolic meaning for me. It’s about the silliness of the situation or image.” Ben Brown, 2009

He is having a solo exhibition at the National Grid Gallery Titled “Kill Your Idols” Opening night is the 23rd October and runs till the 19th November.

Read a great article about Ben Brown HERE and see more of his work  HERE