Look Hear


Look Hear is a weekly event for the month of March, at the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery,  where creative professionals take to the stage to present a series of talks and presentations. Each Wednesday evening starting 10th of March, a selection of designers and artists will discuss their creative process, methods and techniques, and the inspirations behind their careers in creativity.  With an awesome line-up including The National Grid, We Buy Your Kids and Peppermint Magazine. And whats more.. its FREE!!

Check out the site for further details.



Are you the type of person to say on a day of extreme heat, “Wow, friend, how hot is this weather!?”

Fuck you. What do you expect us to say? “Oh! Yes! Gosh! I had no idea how hot it actually was. In fact, now that you mention it, I’m sweating like a gerbil in a gaybar. Ice-cream?”

We like to call this question: ‘the fucking annoying question’. You’ll hear it a lot this summer. Don’t be that person.

You see, young and talented friends, that’s something we call advice. An incredible tool of communication everyone loves to receive, especially when wrapped in hilarity and spoken with prowess in front of a crowd of drink addled young-somethings.

Wednesday November 25 at 7pm Junior, a union for young creatives is hosting an event in Sydney, with 3 creative directors sharing advice, called ‘31 Things‘ , find out more details on their website.