little hobo project was built entirely by hand (literally – sticks, rope and more), with a lot of love and oh so much inspiration.

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“In order to create an identity & deliver a website for LHP, it needed to be designed to reflect a company that doesn’t need to pride itself on its polished looks, but more on the quality of the projects that it creates & the people it brings together…[thus] we stripped our ideas back to basics. We decided to build the website by hand, out of [real] sticks, [real] string & a whole lot of [genuine] love.” The National Grid

“Simply, Little Hobo Project has grown out of a grassroots approach to communication. Its focus is connecting individuals with individuals, causes with organisations, organisations with businesses and concepts with the people to action them. ‘Wandering Ideas. Made.’

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LHP Overview (as featured on Sprout Daily):

“Creative individuals and independent thinkers are more empowered then ever to realise ideas and pursue dreams. So…bring together the right people, those you respect and trust – and anything is possible.

Thus we are based on the collective concept. We highly value the members of our Collective as a creative arsenal. With entwined roots in sports, fashion, travel, music and the arts, we offer diverse opportunities for project management but most importantly we love when ideas don’t get put on the shelf but get brought to the table – and we can bring the right people together to make them happen.

Our underlying requirement is that any client, collective member or brand we work with, must have a genuine interest in supporting the philanthropic community as part of their professional strategy. Philanthropy – from the ancient Greek understanding of – the desire to better man kind, NOT just giving away money.” Little Hobo Project

Ben Brown – Die Young

Die Young is an exhibition of works by iconic Sydney Illustrator, Ben Brown.

Ben’s obsessive-compulsive artistic relationship with skulls and bones is clearly a consequence of being born with super human illustration skills and x-ray vision.

His latest series of candy coloured portraits split Kurt Cobain, James Dean, Sid Vicious, Jimmy Hendrix, Buddy Holly and music’s most recent victim, Amy Winehouse, quite literally, in half. The Andy Warhol inspired comical renders, are part morbid tongue in cheek (or skull) and part eternal depictions (flesh). Die Young salutes popular idols with untimely deaths. As Ben puts it…”the celebrity life-style that we seem to aspire to, had killed them all by the age of 27?

An illustrator for over twenty years, Ben Brown is a regular contributor of comics for editorial, including the notorious surfing publication ‘Stab’. He has designed extensive clothing graphics for brands such as Mambo, Insight, Globe, O’Neill, Rip Curl, Ocean & Earth, Nice Produce and Supply, and he has designed music and festival posters for the likes of Nirvana, Frenzal Rhomb, Silverchair, Fat Boy Slim, The Hoodoo Gurus, Big Day Out, Good Vibrations Festival, Homebake and The Falls Festival.

Die Young opens on the 9th of December from 6pm to 10pm and is on exhibition until the 24th December 2011 at The National Grid Gallery, 24 Chard Rd, Brookvale.

Bens Website

Sidewayz 2011

After a two year hiatus the Sidewayz Art Exhibition returns. Keeping with the original format of artworks on recycled skateboards and snowboards the exhibition continues to be a non-profit exercise, raising funds for a couple of good causes.

Opening at The National Grid Gallery on Saturday 4 June, over 65 artists from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are contributing to this years exhibition.

Sidewayz 2011 contributers include; Scott Marr, PigeonBoy, Konsumterra, Kalen, Sarah Scully, RJ Williams, Esjay, Vars, SMC[3], Stylo, E.L.K, Teem, Bennett, Anton Benois, Tim Andrew, Brandon Els, Qwux, Willem Van Stom, Tez, Phibs, Lise Pod, Jimmy Neilly, KON, Ellie Schroeder, Dave Kaziro, Benny Haz, Reka, Ben Goad, Ben Frost, Pinky, Lucas McGrath, kulk, Zoe Young, Wade Burkitt, Robert Bates, Rick Swaine, Beastman, Ollie Lucas, Mia Taninaka, Luke Taaffe, Julie Doye, Dina Raus, Deb, Cameron Wall, Bridge, Beth Josey, Barrett, Jeremy Shaw, Dave Smith, Kane Stamp, Liz Laughton, Jon Jones, Andrew Fawcet…plus heaps more!

Ben Brown Immortal



On show will be numbered and signed limited edition prints, plus original works in
ink and paint. The show continues the themes of Bens previous solo show –
‘Kill your Idols’ – which combined celebrity, junk culture, zombies and skulls
in a graphically charged visual extravaganza. These new works pick up
where the previous show left off and the iconic images that are burned in
to our collective cultural psyche are given a new life… albeit as the living dead.

There will be a bonus live performance from  rock ‘n’ roll demons Hong Kong,
who have been burning up various floors around town in recent times with
their melodic skuzzball wall of sound.

Opening Night: Friday 10th December 6-9pm.
Come and join us for a Christmas drink! We have loads of new goodies in the shop too, along with all the latest Art Books and Mags.

Exhibition is open from 11th December to 24th January.


Next up at the National Grid Gallery is an eclectic group exhibition featuring the creatures of some unique creatures.
With artist backgrounds steaming from tattoo,  street, and the traditional.  They have been invited to interpret the theme “creatures” in thier own creative voice.


Opens FRIDAY 24th SEPTEMBER 6-10pm

The exhibition runs from Sept 25th-Oct 23rd
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Saturdays 12pm-3pm




NG:  ApeSeven, tell us the thinking and process behind your new works that will be on show at The National Grid Gallery in Brookvale from August 6th— what can the people expect?
AS:  My latest body of work KLAN takes a look at my imagined family albeit future tribe. An emotive, mysterious, somewhat elegant figurative visual language has been developed to illustrate my search for belonging in this world, amongst my peers, family and dreams.

NG:  Where does the inspiration for your mythical characters come from?
AS:  I would have to initially say a complex mix of my travels, dreams, science. Then I think my inspiration or motivation comes from a need to create a world to help me cope and relate to the world around me.

NG: What is your process, what mediums do you use?
AS:  In terms of process I approach my works first and foremost with a street art perspective, utilizing both graphic and painterly qualities to my work. Works typically incorporate a number of mediums acrylic, ink, found paper, aerosol, found objects. I found this mixed media approach engages the observer and reflects the multi layered thoughts and processes going on in my head.

NG: What is the criteria for choosing a place to paste?
AS:  I would love to say there is a well thought out process for selection, but I more often than not seem to gravitate to particular urban settings. Sometimes there is a resonant nostalgia in the locations I choose, reminding me of my youth or more innocent times.

NG: How would you explain your work to someone who has never seen it before?
AS: An exploration of my relationship to the divine, depicted by a fusion of childhood creatures, science, complex symbolism and an aesthetic drawn from an observation of the potential, imagined and observed worlds.

NG: What motivated you to make a book?
AS: As a street artist exhibiting in a gallery some of that energy that people encounter in an urban setting can be lost.
Klan existed initially with sketches, words, then street installations. The exhibition at The National Grid is a refined culmination of Klan. The book loosely documents this whole body of work and I believe captures the energy of street and develops a context for the exhibiton. The book is simultaneously the glue between my works and a work unto itself.



Apeseven’s  works currently focuses on elements of alchemy . A process of transmutation depicted by a fusion of childhood creatures, science, complex symbolism akin to early scientists and an aesthetic drawn from an observation of the potential, imagined and observed worlds .