Go Font Ur Self*- Part 3


Most people take words, letters and type for granted. We see it in the everyday processes of life – in an email, in the newspaper, magazines, street signs. Its every where.

But there are artists who will transform these everyday entities and transform them into works of art and get us feeling the love. From fine artists to graffiti artists to designers, there is a vast array of typographical talent , for those of us who really appreciate the art of typography, or just want to see type in a different light.  so if your keen to check it out GO FONT UR SELF*

Want to visit the exhibition nearest you? Here are the details:

SYDNEY / Thursday Oct 15th / Peer Gallery – 153 Bridge Road, Glebe NSW /
MELBOURNE / Friday Oct 23rd / No Vaccancy – 34-40 Jane Bell Lane (off Russell St), Melbourne VIC /
BRISBANE / Friday Nov 6th / Nine Lives – 330 Brunswick St Mall, Fortitude Valley QLD /

For more information, artist profiles and images from past GO FONT UR SELF* exhibitions visit www.gofonturself.com.au.

A film by Sebastian Lange

Flickermood 2.0 from Sebastian Lange on Vimeo.

… Thought #99 • Does it mater that type cant be read? Do things really need to be legible all the time? When there is so much action, movement and suitable sound creating an atmosphere of entertainment, one has little time to take in the details of whats being said. This leads me to wonder….. does it really matter what we say in our conversations. How much detail do we actually take in and store? It could be the over all impression of what we put across, tone, gestures and aesthetics that we remember.  Just like in this film by Sebastian Lange, the over all atmosphere created by such a beautiful array of movement, with emphasis on certain details leaves us remembering it as a whole, a mood,  an emotion, or thinking dam! That’s some good animation….

Posted by Stuart